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Forkert Technology Services GmbH has carried research on optimization of flow in the secondary sedimentation basin of a sewage purification plant. The aim of the given work has been to find out the most constructive elements for optimization of purification processes in square tailing settling pond of a sewage purification plant from the point of view of hydraulics. For the analysis purposes, a square form with central drowned cylinder has been chosen as the intate structure because such a form economically uses space for construction and there exist more possibilities for compact module construction. The research found its reflection on 37 pages. The attained results have been illustrated and visualized with 26 colorful pictures, 41 formulas and 9 tables. This work on CD-ROM cost 29,99 €. The work has been published in German language. The translation to the English language is just carried out.

Table of content:

  • Aims.
  • Construction sizes of tailing.
  • Theoretical analysis of flows’ condition inside intate structure.
  • Construction of entrance of sewage from intate structure into tailing settling pond.
  • Optimization of flow in the tailing settling pond.
  • The practical test.
  • Please visit our German site that contains wider information on the results of the given work.


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